“A patent is property carried to the highest degree of abstraction—a right in rem to exclude, without a physical object or content.”
— Oliver Wendell Holmes

Welsh Flaxman & Gitler handles a wide variety of complex issues confronting companies and individuals as they seek to protect their innovations through the U.S. patent system. Both Howard Flaxman and John Welsh were Examiners at the USPTO and have seen patent prosecution from both sides of the fence. With this in mind, Welsh Flaxman & Gitler assists our clients in effectively obtaining commercially valuable patent protection for their innovations. 

Our regular interaction with Examiners, SPEs, Group Directors and other Patent Office Professionals also places us in a unique position to understand the internal workings of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. We regularly apply this unique understanding to quickly and efficiently work through the USPTO maze, achieving client goals previously thought to be difficult or impossible. 

We provide a full range of patent related services including: 

  • Prior art searching, including accelerated examination searches
  • Preparation and filing of patent applications
  • Prosecution of patent applications before the USPTO, as well as internationally
  • Counseling clients relating to various patent issues that may arise regarding their intellectual property